Tuesday, 26 July 2016

FUNKY Heatless hair-style [ E X P E R I M E N T ]

I'm back after a very long while~ This post is just me exploring different hairstyles in different ways. Let me tell you a funny fact about me, I never tend to touch my hair unless it's just tiring it up in a low ponytail, that is basically my daily hairstyle. Unbelievably I've never curled my hair before either but this shall be a new change. LOLs lies I permed my hair ( but it meant I didn't have to curl it either )

Heatless waves 
I wanted really tight, tight curls. 
I had no idea whether it would work or not, there wasn't a tutorial out there for tight heatless curls most tutorials showed a look that was very loose, wavy, everything I didn't want my curls to be. 

You could even honestly rock this hair style as is~ or use it to curl your hair the choice is yoours:)

  • It's less damaging 
  • It's exciting to take the curls out the next day
  • It takes so long to section each hair and tie each one up whilst also making sure it's secure.
  • I find it uncomfortable to sleep in but I know some people don't mind it. (you could always use a hairdryer to blow dry it dry)

Equipment used;
  • Water or damp hair 
  • Brush/ comb 
  • rubber bands 
STEP 1 - Comb throw yyour hair to get rid of any knots and tangles, Section off your hair in to how many buns / curls you desire to have. ( go crazy - heads up it would take a lot longer)

STEP 2 - Dampen your hair with water making sure it's not too wet or too dry. (the consistency must be towel dried almost)

STEP 3 - select a section of hair and start to twist, twist and wrap the twist on to itself to form a bun.

I really don't like the final results! I prefer the mini buns as a hair style itself.
Thankyou for reading~


  1. I've tried this SOOO many times and it always ends up looking strangely crimpy (?) But have u tried the hairband method? It works 100000x better. I use it almost every time I want to curl my hair now :>

    1. THANKYOU SO MUCH!! oooo I'll defiantly need to check it out!! IKR~ its weird because some parts are curled where as parts/ chunks of it hasn't even curled at all xx

  2. OUUUUUU one more thing 😂 ur artwork is like my favorite thing ever. ASDFGHJKL wish I had ur skills *sobs*


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