Saturday, 30 July 2016

[ O O T D ] - NEO GAL

H  E  L  L O O O~~ 
It's been tooo long~ inactive and unproductive. 
here's just a quick OOTD  -  Grungy and Dark.

I'm still on the journey to find my style it's constantly changing, If someone told and asked me to define my style it would be... experimental - mood swings ... I wake up and wear what I feel, if its colourful and bright I go for colourful and bright items in my wardrobe and if it's dark I go for dark things in my wardrobe. I loooovee playing with textures / colours and fabrics. 

I also got told once before that my style is very granny like???
 Which I have no clue what that means...granny chic I got called once.
 My glasses don't help me and people assume I wear it because it's fashionable, lool i prefer wearing sunglasses if that were the case. - Strangely enough ever since I started wearing my glasses more and more my eye sight is getting worse~  -___-  (is that normal?)

This was the day after revealing my curls I hated it so much that I decided to put my hair up in buns.

I'll also be posting my week at F.A.D futures, so please do look forward to that, I can't believe I'll be... (i guess you guys just have to wait and see)

Skirt and shirt 

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