Friday, 11 March 2016


The lighting really doesn't do the colour justice, because it is very light

Let's JUST go for it!
I mean, it's been on my to-do-list for such a loooong loooong time
 I might as well just go for it and see how it turns out~ 

My strong belief and lesson in life is; 
You can never please anyone but yourself, so if you want to do something go for it~
life is too short to be worrying useless things, like people's opinions.
- Do it when your ready don't let others pressure you and have the expectation of you, cause at the end of the day your doing it, all for yourself and not others. 

that's your ultimate accessory
it's something that no one can take away from you.

To my surprise my hair colour wasn't planned on being this colour, (my target is getting it pink - since my hair is very dark, it's going to be a journey) and I loove it~ I've had mix views some saying it's not nice and some actually really liking it.
 BUT TO BE FAIR~ I LOVE IT~ and that is all that matters.

I bought my hair dye during December expecting to do it for the new year 
but I was putting it off for so looong... Just because I had a lot to juggle with and finding the time was difficult.

I told myself that I'll do it, eventually...when I'm ready and TODAY was that day. 
With my hair dye boxes staring at me in the face and my mum deciding to help me~ though I  actually thought I was going to be a rebel and go against my mums wishes  (I remember asking her before about going blonde and she simple shouted at me) on me being blonde but to my surprise she was cool with it...?? WHAT??
My mum is always constantly surprising me, with the things she suggests I do. 
LOL things which I even thought of.

The funniest moment was; having my aunt and my mum arguing on how my hair should be to dyed.
All I was doing was laughing and smiling about the random situation.

i need to tone it~ :D

This is personally such a BIG step for me~ xD 
doing nothing that's out of my comfort zone before, this tops it all~ 
I could never control what would happen with the dye. 

Why didn't I go to the Salon?
I don't believe you HAVE to go to the salon to do it,  
just because, if I want to get it wrong I want to be responsible for my actions and rather than having the salon telling me that I can't get the colour I want and
having to pay, ON TOP SO MUCH MONEY for it. (money which I dont have) :D

I prefer using box dyes because it's so much more easier and you get easy results then mixing and getting the ratios wrong. --->  which who knows what could happen.


LASTLY, the hair dye which I used was this...
Schwarzkopf hair dye


Honestly, it does the job! to my surprise it has really lightened my hair... I defiantly will purchase from this brand again and again just because of it affordability ( amazing price range ) but also for the results. The only down side I have for this product is that it gives my hair a brassy tone to my hair, which I don't mind at all. I really want to try out the platinum box just to see if it would tone the orange / brass in my hair. 

I hope you ENJOYED this hair journey post~
I'll be sure to update you more on what happens to it next~
It might not end up being pink but purple or blue, you never know,

Thankyou for reading
Sindy xx

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