Tuesday, 18 August 2015


HEEEY! my fashionista's~ 
Inspired by me stealing peoples clothes~ lol 
I've been taking my families discarded or unused clothing foooor suuuch a time, it's funny because I didn't realise until someone asked me,
where did I get my clothes from?
What's my style? Do I follow trends?
and so,
this post is called the hidden fashion because how many of us forget what's in our wardrobe and don't realises what's in our wardrobe? 
not a lot, but we always seem to be buying and spending a crazy amount of money on things,
do we really need them?

My Aunt's been cleaning out her wardrobe and has been giving away clothes 
which she doesn't want any more, things she's bought but haven't  worn. 

it's crazy because it still has the tag on~

Love getting clothes
and especially when they are from my family (free) its a bonus!  (hehe)
I'm not a person who follows trends, (but it's hard not to because our society is built on trends and the things we buy have some sort of trend in it.)
I'm Just a person who loves to style clothes she has already.
spending is hard for me, I'm a student 16 to be exact and I don't exactly make the craziest amount of money.
Strangely enough I don't go shopping a lot, its mad,
 crazyy~ even (so I get told by people)
You see so many youtubers and bloggers
constantly buying something every month. 
haul? month? what? :O

 I just don't have the money to do that and I don't think it's necessary.
(lol that's maonly why I don't have much haul posts)

Fashion bloggers 
I feel are being lead by fancy brands and big names~ 
wealth, status it all adds up,
but you can still look like superstar without the price.

I often wear, recycle and re-style clothes which my mum doesn't often wear,
 so from her old vintage to her current clothes; though she hates it, because she tells me, she will wear them but in fact she just leaves in the wardrobe.
My mum is the type of person who buys and keeps it all locked up, (calling it safe and for certain special occasion) my aunt is another person who most often goes shopping and buys clothes (I call her a shopping  addict xD) I have another aunt who doesn't often go shopping but with the things she does buy, she keeps it in her wardrobe also... She doesn't realise what she has until she started to cleans it out.

My littler brother to my older brother, if they don't want it, I'll have it :D

I think we do it all the time!! 
forget what we buy, every season or when a trend pops up we
 often seem to be buying more and more but don't realise what we already have. 

seeing our idols and all these models with such fancy clothes makes us want them.

it's about time we check our own wardrobes.

It's funny because it's hard to restrain ourself from buying 
because we always seem to be wanting something or not have it, 
However I'm here to tell you it's not the case, I love fashion but I hardly go shopping in fact, 
I find myself disliking it; mainly, because the clothes seem to come out with trends, trends which I don't really seem to like or see myself buying so I end up not getting anything.
 I'm a person who focuses on staples, comfort. 
The models which advertise it are sooo pretty and soooo tall~
 its makes a huge difference when your someone not so tall and the dilemma is you like that item, BUT when you wear it, it looks like a maxi when its a mini skirt. 

 LOL~ does anyone get that?

If your finding it hard  to know what you have in your wardrobe, I recommend you to download the stylebook app
 it helps to reminds you what's in your wardrobe
and since it's on the go and its always with you, helping you with your shopping and asking yourself that, all important question do you really need it? and if you have something similar already in your wardrobe.

I'm not sure what to call this post~ :) 

sooo on to the things which my aunt has given to me,

lol this is my first, I honestly wouldn't buy it in the shops if I had the choice to; but I guess this is also one of the positive things about sharing clothes or swapping them, you get to try new things out.
You never know you might even like it.
The kimono for me is a mmmmm.... narhhh~ I don't like it mainly because its just a cheap and is also racial appropriating the real Japanese kimonos which are so much more amazing, beautiful and aren't made of cheap polyester.

though we aren't the same size, which isn't a problem for me.
 I love wearing things oversized  rather than fitted (it's not a problem) and in most cases the clothes could always get adjusted.

Thing to take away from this post is... 
go and raid your Aunt, uncle, mum, dad, gran, grandad, sister, brother's
Sharing is caring after all :D xx

Hope you enjoyed the post 

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