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and readers
This is not going to be usual post but I hope a informative one that can help those doing GCSE art.
I'm here to give you Tips and advice on how you can, get an A* in your GCSEs...

I've broken my tips  down to 5 to keep it simple, easy and clear to understand as possible.

I'm calling my sketchbook a not so typical GCSE sketchbook
because its not your traditional, finely painted and perfectly drawn piece of work.
art gcses are not a walk in the park for a pass, people assume that it is
Or either down grade themselves and compare themselves to other people in the class.

lol that's what happened to me,
 mainly because I was worried I wasn't going to pass
with my style/body of work. (I tend to overthink alot)
 Everyone I knew was doing the traditional realistic paintings and
here I was doing very abstract, illustrated work.
With a lot of textile influences.

 I had doubts with everything I was doing, especially when I looked up art gcse sketchbooks, everyone had these perfectly oil painted and watercolor sketchbooks.
But though I had doubts, art means expression and theirs no right or wrong.
right? sooo, I used fabrics and yarns and all things wacky.

my body and style of work was completely different to everyone in my class. xD
I don't try to copy the image literally how it is seen. Interpret is how i would call it.

this brief post is to tell you guys that...
 it doesn't have to be this traditional fine art style of work...
 experiment build things stick things outside of your sketchbook.
Create moving piece; photography to film
not everything has to be 2D in art try, textiles art one day and the next architectural.
try to find yourself, find what you enjoy - if its not pencil or paint on paper; its okay
it can be anything from wire to yarns.

TIP 1: 
Research & Sources 
Go to museums and do as many primary drawings as possible, they are key.
To help inspire you.

TIP 2: 
Try as many different mediums as possible.
use things you would never use, or don't feel confident with.

TIP 3: 
Analyse & Evaluate 
Do not rip out pages, work into your mistakes / work around them. 
Explain why you don't like it
what could be improved
what work and didn't
what you would do next time

TIP 4: 
Have fun with the composition changes things up. See what works and what don't. 
The development is your journey. kind of relating to the 2 tip; experiment.

TIP 5:  
I did not annotate along the way and suffered alot, mainly because I found it SO MUCH MORE easier to talk about it, rather than writing it ALL down. I felt that it ruined my work more than it actually helped me. LOL being stubborn me I left it to last which wasn't bad because I did some along the way and just needed to stick it all in and print it all out.


OH and please do check out the video - of course only if you wanted to
and I hope you enjoy my video
created for you guys.
(i really didn't want to make it too long and soo I sped it up)

Saturday, 28 November 2015


Life is getting stressful and mooore stressful, 
I feel the only way to get my mind off of things is to actually become more active on my blog,
it let's me, to be free and do what I want~ it's my own world!

As well as the need to update on my instagram and tumblr;
 my so-call art/fashion blog is being lost, defiantly will be reviving it~ 
along with my drawings!

on with the actual post,

How do you become stylish? but, when you're on a budget?
being a student and from a family that doesn't earn ALOT OF MONEY~ *sighs
it's hard for me to ask my mum to buy me things daily especially hard; when growing she would be the type of mum, who buys me things until my shoes were worn and torn, or even coats that would be a size bigger for me to grow into. 

There's nothing wrong with not having a lot of clothes, in my defense if you don't have the money, BE A CONSCIOUS SHOPPER!! ask yourself do you really need it ... just because you see other people wearing doesn't mean you need it.
 I'm here to show you my tips and ticks to becoming the next fashionista
on a budget, of course.


I'm a keen fashion student from such a young age, however my wardrobe was always limited and the only things that I get are mostly hand me down from my aunt's and mum's wardrobe, and to me there's nothing wrong with it.
I love it!! why?
 It's because they are meaningful; from my grandma's clothes to my dad's and even my mum. 

When I go shopping, I actually hardly shop or buy anything. I tend to get annoyed at the fact that I can't seem to find anything in my size. xD But I'm not a everyday shopper LOL I dread it. which is funny.Though, it's mainly why you don't see me do any/ hardly any hauls on my blog,
because there's nothing to show or maybe here and there I save up and buy one piece or a few quality items; such as my two new addition to the family .... amazing coat's / jackets but it's raree~

I don't follow trends, and I don't feel the need to unless it's something that is unnecessary for me..
because I'm all about comfort!!
If you don't feel good or comfortable wearing it, why are you wearing it in the first place,
don't do it for attention or just because someone told you too,
because it's your body!
if you want to wear no bras, do it! if you want to wear a skirt in winter, do it!


You wouldn't think about it, but it makes a huge difference.
You wouldn't realize or even notice until it's pointed out, that fashion isn't just what we wear but it's also the things we put on us.
and even Hair, it all plays apart.
just by changing up your makeup or even your hair you wouldn't need to constantly feel the need to buy things more and more. (I'm really encouraged to do a post for you guys to show you the difference it can make - in fact be, looking forward to mooore how to style posts)


This is a simple way to incorporate basics essentials; from tees and skinnyjeans, with a
 wardrobe that's sure to be stylish all year round. Colours has a huge impact, if your not confident wear colours I suggest wearing monochrome or minimal aka kim kadashian style clothing xD
it works even if you don't or do and I certainly DON'T LIKE HER WHAT SO EVER!!
sorry if you do~ 
staying neutral or dark with; dark greens, reds, browns, oranges, purples, mustard yellow
black and white and so on......
 is great to wear daily 
and easy to style 


for all you creative cats, lol - a great way to jazz up or personalize your own 
clothing / bring life in to your old pieces is to, do D.I.Ys; from distressed to dyed and even sewing accents of zips on, studs, sequins,
the ideas are endless.

TIP 5 

Nothing is wrong with it, being prepped and trying to get a bargain. Isn't it something  
we all want. :D You defiantly get great deals, also your local charity shops // thrift shops are another way of finding great items for less.

Hope this was a helpful post~ :)
I've been so active lately, need to keep it up lol
please do comment down below what you would like to see me post?
Sindy xx

Sunday, 6 September 2015


Firstly, NO it's not the end! 

I really wanted to do a post on my personal story sharing it with you guys, on what happened to me when my results weren't ...
what I was expecting...

I was predicted to get
Art A*
Citizenship A
English language B???
English lit B
Maths C

oooo what happened? :O
read on~
to knoww moreee

Funny enough I was talking to a friend of mine about her story couple of days before, speaking about she found her ambition or career path; all because she failed her exam for something which I totally forgot the name of and she retook the test and found that the subject she was taking just wasn't for her because she yet again failed it.
(sometimes she said to me, it's not meant to be)

She found her ambition after having broken up with her boyfriend, she told me; though she was going through some tough times - life works in really mysterious ways because she found
 herself (in this case her career path in medicine)
and soon after was back with her boyfriend.

How does this have anything to do with my post 
you will soon see haha

It started with resultsday~ dundunduuuuu
The worst day everrrr~
I mean, it wasn't, all bad just, that one graade.
Funnily enough, that one grade was the grade which I needed the most~ to go into college
 to do A-levels which I had in mind of doing.
 However thinking back and choosing the subjects which
I chose, I wasn't completely satisfied with my choice, but at time, I felt that, it was my only choice. Being expected to, because naturally everyone was. (following the crowd)

Of course, I cried and thinking back to myself it was stupid and useless.
You really can't help it, when your in that situation,
where you think to yourself, what did I do wrong?

 It wasn't anything to do with what I had done.

because I worked my butt off that year!!
Surprisingly I passed maths!
Yes maths; which I struggled with so much, I should be celebrating not crying,
I got A* in Art.
I mean I've achieved 4 A-A*s overall- why am I crying?)

Aren't Asians supposed to be good at academics!?
Firstly its a stereotype - it's not true!!
Secondly, funnily enough I'm not that, and when some compares to other Asians in my school (who are really smart) or even this Asian Stereotype -
I get so annoyed and frustrated at the narrow-minded comment...
I know
Yes, I'm bad at maths and English and a girl, I know
  why should I compare myself, IAM ME!

I struggle~ with my academics and I'm not ashamed of it~
because I love art, and I enjoy learning even if I'm bad at it.
I try my best and I give it a go.
In the most strangest way, I enjoyed science,  maths, english and I loved writing
 I guess my love for it didn't show.

My most of my friends have that high expectation from their parents, 
I know alot of my asian (and non asian) friends growing up with a lot pressure from their parents to do well and to get high grades because they did not have the opportunity and want the best for them - which I understand

Does your mum care if you do bad?
MATHs , which for those who've followed me for sometimes would know that I disliked the subject, and english was a place for me to voice what I had to say so I really enjoyed writing.

Yes she does, but she doesn't throw her frying pan at me.
She sees it as my life, where I should take my own responsibility; learning things for myself and being able to have that freedom.
I'm lucky and fortunate to have parent's who are very understanding and they are parents who are 1st generation - they moved from Vietnam to London
 So its crazy - not having that pressure from them.
(then again my whole family is very laidback; I mean my gran accepted my aunt's marriage with my Algerian uncle 
- which is A HUGE THING -
Since in most Asian family they wouldn't even accept their child dating anyone 
other than their own ethnic background 
and my gran~ my gran baring in mind she's 1st generation who immigrated to London,
accepted their relationship~ woah~ 
 adding to it on top, was my aunt would have to convert her self to Islam because he was Muslim and in our entire family we are a born Buddhist. 
 [My family is very chilled and accepting]

 My parent's haven't been able to have a decent education,
my mother is illiterate - she's been hustling since day one trying to make a living. However she's never given me pressure about how I should live my life which I feel has a huge impact to what  make me, who I am today.
My parents don't have any expectation other than for me to make the right choices and responsibility.
however small or big my families dreams, we are able to work hard.
Growing up: seeing my dad and mum work hard, seeing them become successful with three businesses and two homes - shows me that a dream is a dream no matter how small or even if  you don't have much. 
My mum and dad came to a country where they could not speak a single word and now achieved so much.

I have an older brother who's in accounting
an older sister who's a doctor
my second older brother who is a chef and is building up is own brand
and me a budding designer... :)

we all have dreams and without them we wouldn't be able to strive for success, my two other siblings went through the educational system to become successful but it doesn't mean it's for everyone, for someone like me; in love with the arts, creativity. Education has done nothing more than down grade me and marginalized me to the unsuccessful and underachiever - it's not that I don't try, I try very hard~ 

If a child can't learn the way we teach, 
teach the way they learn.

I'm a strong believer of, not everyone is the same and so, we all have different ways of learning; I know for a fact that I had an AMAZING english teacher one of which enjoyed art and philosophy, he made the lessons enjoyable and easier to understand. It was one of the reasons why I excelled in his class but dropped when I changed teachers.

This is just my opinion, an opinion that I see as proven fact, in my eyes xD 
Just because, I was an ambitious child, I enjoyed learning things
the teachers seemed to have an effect on the way I progressed. 
French which I failed, with an E... I was so upset, but then again my school was a complete chaotic MESS! 
Teachers were switching on and off, with substitute teacher who didn't even teach the subject or had a qualification in the subject -__-
a teacher who had enough and was supposed fired two weeks before our actual exams!!!
luckily, it was in yr7-8 and the school now has got better towards yr9-10.

 the one thing that
- my mum taught me was -
I'm not going to be there by your side for the rest of your life,
I can't pressure you or make
 you to do something you don't want to.
and I'm stuck to that like glue~
 That's what my mother's taught me~
 Getting an amazing job as a lawyer, is amazing~ but it doesn't make me happy,
money and riches isn't my dream in life, though I have many friends who strive for it,
there's nothing wrong with it, it's your dream.
My dream is different.
I want to make a change~ in myself before I can do it to others around me~
being confident is something I'm struggling and I hope to grow and become confident

I'm someone who strongly believes in working hard to achieving your
and that there's so many routes you can take to get where you want in life.

I hate that the grade
I got, defined my capability, originally expecting to do A-levels in;
fashion textiles
history of art
business studies

 when I know,
I'm worth sooo much more
When I know,
 I'm capable of so much
and the education system down grades me to a category that says
well, I say


On Wednesday 26th August
It was raining like crazy here in London.. non stop, pouring buckets after buckets. 
I had to painstakingly run in the rain from one building to another (which was apart of the same school, just different building for certain subjects) to go to their art building, in order to apply for Btech level3

I finally got there after a looong bus journey,spending 15min stuck in traffic -____-
and well, the tutor there told me that there was only ONE SPACE left for Level3 Fashion,
she asked me thing one question which decided my space...

How fast can you go home, to get your portfolio?

baring in mind I'm wet from the rain, annoyed from the traffic and tired because I didn't get the chance to eat breakfast ooor lunch and by now I was on the urge to clasping or even fainting...

I said, VERY FAST!!
veryy fast? what?
I really, really wanted it!
 I didn't want that grade to define me and so I had to!
I ran home ( not really lol I live1hr 15min away ) I went home to grab all my stuff and went to my community centre to grab my artsaward (bronze and silver).
By now I was on the edge to clapsing, haha I was carrying so many things (three bags which I was trying to juggle) and it was soo heavy! I was in pain emotionally and physically, I couldn't give up. Dont worry guys, I ate my sandwich on the train :D

I was finally there, after several stops and changes with the tube; I arrived and they said I had so much potential it's crazy how I'm only 16. (which it made me feel at ease knowing that - my hard work from spending all 4years of my summer and meeting such amazing student ambassadors paid off)


After filling in the forms, I was to head down to get my ID card!
simple and easy right?
Nope, I didn't have my righht birth certificate she told me to go home and come back with my long one, I was going to throw a fit and saying;
HEY! LADY did you know, what I've JUST been through today~~
Nope I held it in, I smiled and said would it be okay for me to come on Friday (because Thursday I was working)

I came back on friday! :D super happy
but NOPE it was super not,
she told me I should of bought my long birth certificate and my mother's passport!!!
she did not tell me that
 at all!!!
She was standing, with this blank expression saying to me;
oh I remember you
your the girl that lives far~~~
oh I feel bad now~
It started to get so awkward
so I said
oh its okay!! :) smiles!! I'll go home and get it~
see youu~
I had to go home AGAIN~
and get my mothers passport
 and I got mine just in case
and my birthcertificate to be extra suure
ID CARD hehe :D

If life gets to you
but also 
just because life didn't plan out,
how you wanted it to be
doesn't mean your doing anything wroong.
It could be for the better!

I mean Btech is known as second choice, but thinking about it~
it makes sense for me to do btech...
I know, I could just very well be saying it because I'm doing it.
Doing Btech would allow me to work on my skills and develop my portfolio ready for university! (CSM at heart) - because UAL (university arts london) is different to the Russell group universities.
they base a lot on your skills and your ability
grades on paper don't show as well as you actually doing it...
cause we all know actions speak louder than words. xD

Which is good because I really want to do fashion and to get into the top fashion university in the world!! would be a dreaam come truuue~~

In conclusion~

Just because I hit barriers in life it doesn't mean it will stop
or put me off of achieving my dream
 and just because I'm doing Btech
 it wont stop me.
haha the moral of the story // post is

WOW! that was a looong post,
 I hope to see you in my future posts
Sindy xx

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


HEEEY! my fashionista's~ 
Inspired by me stealing peoples clothes~ lol 
I've been taking my families discarded or unused clothing foooor suuuch a time, it's funny because I didn't realise until someone asked me,
where did I get my clothes from?
What's my style? Do I follow trends?
and so,
this post is called the hidden fashion because how many of us forget what's in our wardrobe and don't realises what's in our wardrobe? 
not a lot, but we always seem to be buying and spending a crazy amount of money on things,
do we really need them?

My Aunt's been cleaning out her wardrobe and has been giving away clothes 
which she doesn't want any more, things she's bought but haven't  worn. 

it's crazy because it still has the tag on~

Love getting clothes
and especially when they are from my family (free) its a bonus!  (hehe)
I'm not a person who follows trends, (but it's hard not to because our society is built on trends and the things we buy have some sort of trend in it.)
I'm Just a person who loves to style clothes she has already.
spending is hard for me, I'm a student 16 to be exact and I don't exactly make the craziest amount of money.
Strangely enough I don't go shopping a lot, its mad,
 crazyy~ even (so I get told by people)
You see so many youtubers and bloggers
constantly buying something every month. 
haul? month? what? :O

 I just don't have the money to do that and I don't think it's necessary.
(lol that's maonly why I don't have much haul posts)

Fashion bloggers 
I feel are being lead by fancy brands and big names~ 
wealth, status it all adds up,
but you can still look like superstar without the price.

I often wear, recycle and re-style clothes which my mum doesn't often wear,
 so from her old vintage to her current clothes; though she hates it, because she tells me, she will wear them but in fact she just leaves in the wardrobe.
My mum is the type of person who buys and keeps it all locked up, (calling it safe and for certain special occasion) my aunt is another person who most often goes shopping and buys clothes (I call her a shopping  addict xD) I have another aunt who doesn't often go shopping but with the things she does buy, she keeps it in her wardrobe also... She doesn't realise what she has until she started to cleans it out.

My littler brother to my older brother, if they don't want it, I'll have it :D

I think we do it all the time!! 
forget what we buy, every season or when a trend pops up we
 often seem to be buying more and more but don't realise what we already have. 

seeing our idols and all these models with such fancy clothes makes us want them.

it's about time we check our own wardrobes.

It's funny because it's hard to restrain ourself from buying 
because we always seem to be wanting something or not have it, 
However I'm here to tell you it's not the case, I love fashion but I hardly go shopping in fact, 
I find myself disliking it; mainly, because the clothes seem to come out with trends, trends which I don't really seem to like or see myself buying so I end up not getting anything.
 I'm a person who focuses on staples, comfort. 
The models which advertise it are sooo pretty and soooo tall~
 its makes a huge difference when your someone not so tall and the dilemma is you like that item, BUT when you wear it, it looks like a maxi when its a mini skirt. 

 LOL~ does anyone get that?

If your finding it hard  to know what you have in your wardrobe, I recommend you to download the stylebook app
 it helps to reminds you what's in your wardrobe
and since it's on the go and its always with you, helping you with your shopping and asking yourself that, all important question do you really need it? and if you have something similar already in your wardrobe.

I'm not sure what to call this post~ :) 

sooo on to the things which my aunt has given to me,

lol this is my first, I honestly wouldn't buy it in the shops if I had the choice to; but I guess this is also one of the positive things about sharing clothes or swapping them, you get to try new things out.
You never know you might even like it.
The kimono for me is a mmmmm.... narhhh~ I don't like it mainly because its just a cheap and is also racial appropriating the real Japanese kimonos which are so much more amazing, beautiful and aren't made of cheap polyester.

though we aren't the same size, which isn't a problem for me.
 I love wearing things oversized  rather than fitted (it's not a problem) and in most cases the clothes could always get adjusted.

Thing to take away from this post is... 
go and raid your Aunt, uncle, mum, dad, gran, grandad, sister, brother's
Sharing is caring after all :D xx

Hope you enjoyed the post 

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